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Born into a family of champagne making tradition, Frédéric established his own house in 1996 after completing his wine-making studies.Together with his wife Sylvie, he has developed a company that combines modernity and tradition. The domain comprises 3 hectares of prime vineyard at the heart of the Marne Valley, the majority of which is on the Romery terroir. Passionately commited and respectful of the environment, Frédéric and Sylvie grow together the 3 typical champagne grapes: Pinot noir, Pinot meunier and Chardonnay. Utilising traditional wine-press methods allows the best juice to be extracted. At every step of the champagne-making process, from the harvest to bottle-filling, the discharge of the bottles to the marketing, the highest respect of champagne tradition is given. However, it is a the blending stage that the true spirit of our champagnes really come to life. The skill of the wine maker, in subtly blending the varietals, the plots and vintages, produces champagnes that capture again and again the Pommelet style, giving each Cuvée its unique character.